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The intimate and comfortable setting of our special yurt complements live music sessions. The choice of music is varied; we are fortunate to host exceptionally talented musicians from near and far. Audiences experience the unique vibe of being almost at one with the artists, who in turn appreciate the warmth of performing to a captivated audience. 




Singer performing in yurt

Audience tickets from here


 No Events Scheduled For Now

We have reinstated the supply of refreshments  Plastic glasses will be provided as no glass can be used in the Yurt. 

The firepit is always popular to gather round for a drink and a chat, especially on a cooler evening.


Off road parking is sufficient for all visitors so no need to park on our lawn!


Comfortable seating allows everyone to see and hear music in a quite special atmosphere.  Banter with the band is encouraged but you won’t dare to talk amongst yourselves.  Save that for the interval.

Toilet facilities are available next to the yurt. The venue is not ideal for special needs but let us know and we can tell you if we think it is practical.



Admission is at a premium to pay the musicians who have had a rough time recently. In this fast-moving situation, we have decided to stop live streaming as it was not contributing to the income of the musicians and it was compromising the experience for the live audience. Tune in to our YouTube channel  We are always grateful that musicians coming from afar often barely cover their travel costs. They come because they love playing in the yurt.

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